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  1. Psammophis dentition and behavioural paper
  2. New Article: Pickerel Frogs
  3. My New Green Tree Python (Morelia viridis)
  4. Axolotl care sheet
  5. Some of the new snake arrivals
  6. New Sand Boa Babies
  7. New Garter Snakes
  8. One of our ackie holdbacks
  9. A late 2011 pairing or is this the start of my 2012 year?
  10. A couple random frog pics
  11. The happiest tortoise ever
  12. A very gravid water skink
  13. The Xenosaurus grandis are mating again
  14. I thought using a feed tank was supposed to REDUCE aggression!
  15. Malochio fall colors 10/3/2011
  16. Maryland Snake HELP!!!
  17. Crotalus ruber giving birth!
  18. Leopard Gecko not Eating again!
  19. Neighbor brought over a baby flying squirrel
  20. Snakes that can live off roaches and don't need heat lamps?
  21. What the heck happened?!
  22. Hi All, Please check out: Studies of Burmese Pythons in Florida: will they expand range? Comments
  23. Top 10 deadliest snakes in the world
  24. A snake capture using simple common sense
  25. Milk Snake Care sheet
  26. Snake Cage Heating Question
  27. I see people feeding roaches to Budgett's, Tomatos, Pyxies, Pacman, but never ACF. Why?
  28. Melanistic Alligator Lizard???Confirmation needed and pics of San Diego Gopher snake hatchling!
  29. broken ribs
  30. Tiger salamander
  31. New Frilled Dragon enclosure
  32. New Article: Undergravel Filters for Reptiles & Amphibians
  33. Thesis question
  34. From Chicken to...Dinosaur?
  35. Betta splendens?
  36. Macro photography of insects in the wild
  37. My poor puppy. :(
  38. Frog Fu
  39. brumation of albino checkered garters questions
  40. Tiger Salamander Care Sheet by Danni Thompson
  41. Reptile Expo = Bringing home random creatures.
  42. Moray eel "attack"
  43. do mudskippers need brackish water?
  44. Blue Tailed Skink question
  45. S.C. targets all non natives
  46. Pacmans: Ornate and cranwelli horned frogs 10/21/2011
  47. New pick up
  48. My Monocled Cobra again.,.,.
  49. Toad Swallowing Dirt?
  50. Hedgehog or Chinchilla
  51. Texas Venomous Law Question
  52. Sivka update of love!~
  53. Emergency!!
  54. Exotics Ban
  55. Spotted Python Care Sheet
  56. Python Heart Study
  57. 16ft-long snake found with adult deer in its stomach
  58. Sexing My African Red-Sided Skink??
  59. New Article: Burmese Python Natural History
  60. Florida's Alien Invaders
  61. Skiddish Skink
  62. King Snake Care Sheet
  63. Help a soldier save this puppy!
  64. New Article: Top 5 Snake Pets
  65. What kind of rattle snake is this?
  66. Sivka : It's her house! (1yr old now!)
  67. Yellow anaconda female
  68. New Article: First Example of Skin-Feeding Tadpoles
  69. dart frog natural set-up, open forum
  70. The other new addition! :) (Warning, feeding pic at end)
  71. New Article: Turtle Filter Review
  72. Hedehog or Bearded Dragon
  73. Opinions- king vs etc laughing
  74. Three-Legged Tree Frog
  75. New member of the family! Sweet little Chinchilla
  76. Lucky Girl. I Hope.
  77. First Snake!
  78. Leioheterodon geayi breeding
  79. Puginese
  80. Tortoise/Turtle for a beginner.
  81. Getting my Beardie today!
  82. New Article: Amazing new info on Great Desert Skink Societies and Communal Homes
  83. Captive Bred and Born Spiney Water Skinks
  84. Some more ball pythons hatching
  85. Random reptile pics
  86. New Reptile Arrivals
  87. amel snake
  88. panther chameleon
  89. fish question
  90. New Article: Staggering Impact of Frog Leg Trade; 1 Billion+ Frogs Killed in USA
  91. Crested Gecko substate.
  92. Baby Bearded Dragon Care tips?
  93. Bearded Dragon Vivarium Query.
  94. new fish!
  95. I am just livid...
  96. Found this pretty funny
  97. Horses as food livestock?
  98. New Article: African Clawed Frog Diets: the 2 Best Variations
  99. Sharing the cuteness
  100. Feeding problem
  101. Leopard Gecko won't move?
  102. no TROLL snakes and smoke
  103. Rhampholeon spectrum
  104. My new Crested Geckos I rescued.
  105. Ball Python Housing
  106. Green Tree Python
  107. New Article: Aruba Island Rattlesnakes
  108. Hellbenders
  109. weird snake poop????? &&& upgrading boa's food!!
  110. Wanna see my ...
  111. New Article: Feeding American Box Turtles
  112. Tree frog gallery/ care
  113. Ball Python Picture Thread
  114. Snake breeding question
  115. Venomous Snake Pictures and Force Feeding Video
  116. Carphophis amoenus care
  117. Tropidolaemus wagleri and Trimeresurus purpureomaculata
  118. Reptilian Brainfart
  119. RIP Skittles and Pablo
  120. New Article: Captive Care of the Green Anaconda
  121. At emergency vet until 3am because of PROMERIS
  122. Snake Feeding Time! :)
  123. The owning of Fire Bellied Toads.
  124. bearded dragon help
  125. New Article: Marine Turtles, Gulf Oil Spill Update
  126. Chinese fire belly newts not being sold?
  127. Horned frogs 12/13/2011 (load warning!!!)
  128. Bearded dragon gamer!
  129. My furkids!
  130. My new addiction: Kenyan Sand Boas! Anyone other keepers/breeders?(Pics to come)
  131. Anyone else ? $nakes
  132. New updated pics of Poncho
  133. New Article: Green and Black Poison Frog
  134. How could you not find her so cute?
  135. How could you not find her so cute?
  136. How could you not find her so cute?
  137. Love the new inverts, love the herpetofauna, and the canines, but meet my soulmate....
  138. Stolen Ball Pythons from Michigan (Me) Mic.Exo.
  139. Pacman frog eats mouse
  140. First Christmas Addition!
  141. Hand feeding my Egernia Stokesii
  142. Best Kingsnake forum?
  143. A small happiness
  144. A cat. Suggestions sought, sensible sadists preferred.
  145. Sick Boa Question.
  146. New Article: Hatching Mantid Egg Cases; Nymphs as Food for Tiny Herps, Invertebrates
  147. New Article: Amphibian Abuse – Dyed Frogs Sold as Novelties
  148. Ksb shed
  149. California Kingsnake Molting
  150. New Article: Green Tree Python Care and Natural History
  151. A few photos from the reptile rooms
  152. Baby retics and baby boas the same weekend!
  153. what morph corn is this
  154. Our Dogs (a pit bull and a rottweiler) *PHOTOS*
  155. Bird cage
  156. Tylototriton shanjing
  157. spanish ribbed newts
  158. NICE Surprise
  159. RED ALERT: Stop Federal Python BAN!
  160. Pixie frog
  161. New Article: Newly Discovered Viper
  162. New Article: Newly Discovered Frog is World’s Smallest
  163. Snakes' feeding time!
  164. Quick question regarding hedgehogs and snakes
  165. Pics of my new Argentine Red Tegu@
  166. Sick or injured WC Newt?
  167. Look at this MAGNIFICENT creature!
  168. rare garter snake
  169. New Article: Chameleons in the Wild & Captivity
  170. Terrarium backdrop for a 20L tank
  171. Cat or hedgehog
  172. black beauty
  173. Gifts from our pets friends, what do yours bring home?
  174. I had the most unbelievable hankering for..,
  175. New Article: A Useful Sub-Surface Basking Site and Shelter (Turtles, Newts, Frogs)
  176. Testudo questions
  177. First Snake: Beautiful Corn x Milk Hybrid!
  178. New Article: My Experiences with Venomous Snakebites; plus Study Results: Venomous Snakes Bite 4.5 M
  179. Green Anole Care
  180. Blue Tongue Skink
  181. Kong
  182. My ball python died...
  183. Ball Python
  184. LPS going out of business
  185. Please help. Everyone who cares. Python ban..
  186. Green River Discus peru
  187. New Article: Corn Snakes, other American Rat Snakes, Classification changes
  188. What kind of leopard geckos?
  189. Very defensive Sav. Monitor
  190. Is this a krait?
  191. Tiger Salamander!
  192. Bigboy revives a dead iguana using CPR
  193. 40 gallon breeder suggestions?
  194. A picture is worth a thousand words?
  195. Yearling Cali King - hyper activity?
  196. Does anyone breed ball pythons?
  197. beaded lizards legal in orange county and LA?
  198. New paper claims mammal population declines in the Everglades coincide with python proliferation
  199. Disconnect in the herp community
  200. Reticulated Pythons Attacked 26% of all Agta Men during One Period, and Killed 6
  201. Pomona Reptile Super Show Pics
  202. Frog plays cell phone game
  203. Asian wood turtle care sheet
  204. Baby monocled cobra update
  205. Betta enthusiasts, is this ad copy factual?
  206. My Barkly Tableland Death Adder (Acanthophis hawkei)
  207. Thai snake ID please
  208. Somethings up with my Lizard.. (rainbow skink)..can anyone help?
  209. New puppy
  210. Apalone spinifera guadalupensis,I think?
  211. Fish ID
  212. got a new leo yesterday
  213. Frogs
  214. New lizards: Day gecko and gidgee skinks
  215. Blue Tongue Season Starting
  216. First retic clutch of 2012
  217. New Snake Arrivals: Carpets, Milk, and Garter
  218. Some Ball Python Pics
  219. New Dart Frogs
  220. New Article: Breeding Leopard Geckos
  221. Big beautiful male Tokay
  222. Frog ID
  223. Snake Road, IL
  224. Wild squirrel walking crooked and falling over
  225. Reptiles or T's?
  226. Experiences with the World’s Largest Freshwater Turtles
  227. First snake suggestion?
  228. Some pics from the lizard rooms:
  229. Pics from the snake room
  230. Hots group
  231. World's Smallest Amniote?
  232. A Murmuration of Starlings
  233. Dane Co WI proposes to ban Exotics
  234. How about stuffing a turtle into a keychain trinket?
  235. My first Venomous Broad Banded Copperhead.
  236. Anti-algae Solution's Effects on Crayfish
  237. look what skippy caught!
  238. Thinkin' about a softshell
  239. Scale rot?
  240. Male Frogs “Describe” their Burrows when Calling
  241. Concentric Diamondback Terrapin (pics)
  242. Horned frogs 2/19/2012
  243. King Cobra - no picture
  244. Senegal bichir feeding
  245. Pets you wish were sold MORE OFTEN in pet stores!
  246. Thamnophis marcianus (let the breeding commence)
  247. UPDATE: Rhode Island Reptile Ban Tabled
  248. Anyone have any experience breeding Bufo viridis?(European green toad)
  249. Pixie Pics...
  250. Turtle Searching