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Atlanta Native
08-23-2002, 09:45 AM
I have the following T's but was looking for one that makes neat tunnels. My ornamentals use to tunnel but as they have grown they have become a little more aboreal. One dealer told me burrowers are not "show spiders" because you rarely see them but I wanted to add one to me collection. Any recomendations would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
2 A. avicularia's Pink toe
2 A. versicolor's - Antilles pink toe
B. albopilosum - Curly hair
B. smithi - Red knee
C. cynaopubescens - Green bottle blue
P. cambridgei - Trinidad chevron
P. fasciataa - Sri Lanka ornamental
P. regalis - Indian ornamental

08-23-2002, 11:29 AM
Gotta say that the neatest burrower we have is the Cobalt Blue (Haplopelma lividum). Right now she's in a 3 gallon ice cream container with about 9.5" of substrate and she's made a huge "U" shaped burrow along one side. The container's not clear, but I think she's also got a neat chamber of some kind at the bottom of the U.

I sort of wish she wasn't a burrower though... she's absolutely stunning. =D


08-23-2002, 11:45 AM
;P ;P =D Well , my cobalt blue does the same thing makes cool tunnels and the best i saw so far was my camaroons and they make real cool tunnels and so do my usambaras... ;P :D

Atlanta Native
08-23-2002, 12:09 PM
How would I set up its enclosure? Would I use vermiculite, soil, peat moss or a mixture? :? Also what type of accesories are needed? Would a piece of cork bark or plant help in any way or do all they need is a substrate to tunnel? How about humidity, is it a factor giving they spend most hours in a day under the substrate? Is it true that the males are a drab brown and the females are the beautiful blue of the two? Thanks again for the prior and for any future replies.

08-23-2002, 01:56 PM
Originally posted by Bearacuda41
they make real cool tunnels and so do my usambaras

Your Usumbaras burrow? Ours have just adopted their peat cups as home and have built thick, thick layers of webbing around/over/through their enclosures. They usualy sit on top of the cup until food comes by, or until they get spooked -- at which point they hide in their cups.


08-23-2002, 02:01 PM
We use a mix of about 4:6 vermiculite to peat by volume. She has a peat cup and a water dish. At first she was in the habit of clogging up the front of the peat cup with the inverted water dish, but now that she has her burrow she doesn't bother with either. Still, until she has a burrow established, you should provide some sort of hide. We keep ours in our wet-rack which maintains an elevated humidity. The only real key with H.lividum, I feel, is the depth of the substrate. You want 6" or so minimum -- more if you can swing it. We use the ice cream tub. It isn't the most beautiful enclosure and it isn't very transparent, but it is really deep and she seems to enjoy it.


08-23-2002, 02:07 PM
Yes mine burrow and much more and no i dont have any probs with them trying to attack me or getting out as they would rather skidattle down there tunnel,, but they are cool and the tunnel goes around the whole container there in as its see thru.. neat to watch where there at... I guess everyones Ts are diffrent... ;P ;P :}