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11-08-2005, 03:41 AM
Hey everyone,
After a lot of hard thinking and research ive decided to go with a B. Smithi and a GBB. Im hoping to get a good deal on them, 80 shipped? Anyway as some of you may already know im very new to the field of Ts but ive been doing my homework. I was considering a basic set up depending on the sizes 5 or 10 G tanks 50/50 peat and potting soil mix with plently of places to hide. Since im still new to all of this i was wondering if a source of a light is necessary for heat etc or a heat pad. My room is generally average 65-78 F depending on the time of day. Ive been coming across many sites with no suddle results, i want to know more about Redkees and GBBs some say Gbbs are considered burrowers others leave that out. A little more info on the spieces would help me improve the habitat. Ive also read that that GBBs and redknees are in the same genre of spece (thanks to Minax) and they require a dry climate, a dish and misting the substrate once in a while will do fine. I was also concerned about my lighting in my room i have orangeish lights and im usually up late into the morning. so i was wondering if that would affect the Ts. I can switch to a smaller more clearer white. I forgot to mention that i live in the New york city so the winters might be pretty cold. Im of in school most of the time so mayb another source of heat could be usefull.

Thanks you,

11-08-2005, 04:05 AM
ok ill make this to the point

Both of these guys like it very dry, no misting! Provide a small water dish but don't overdo it.

Lighting is a debate that rages on. Light is used by t's to determine molting cycles ect.. I've found that this is not a huge factor. You'll see that T's especially your GBB will no like direct white light, just live normal so will they.

Heating, the best advice (thx e-spiderworld), if your comfortable in a t-shirt they are fine. This varies with some species but with your two room temperature is fine. Don't leave them on the window durring winter.

Your T's will be happy with a hide, your GBB will web it up like no tomorow.

think that covers it, i have a GBB feel free to pm me with any Q's

11-08-2005, 04:33 AM
Thanks a lot ... im sure ill be sending you questions in no time lol.

11-08-2005, 11:14 AM
Oh I would definitely agree here on the care for the Gbb. I currently own one, and I just have her in a cage with some substrate and a water dish. I don't mist in there at all, and she's been doing great for about a year now (She has molted twice in my care and is pretty fat). A Gbb will not require a hide. The are a terrestial species. Some people say they are semi-arboreal, but I tend to disagree with them on that. In the wild they live in more open spaces than other T's, so they tend to web a lot as a way of having some more ground on where they live. I don't have a B. smithi (yet), but heard they like it on the dry side. Using potting soild mixed with peat moss will be just fine for these guys.

11-08-2005, 06:50 PM
Hi there, first of all what size of the B. smithi and GBB are you getting. if those were adult size and for $80 shipped thats a pretty damn good deal, unless of course they are males. and if they are still slings then just leave them in the pill bottles for a 5 gal tank would be too big. as far as care, I pretty much agree with the previous posts.