Here are some pics from this awesome place. Unfortunetly my camera did not have much space so the pics are limited and they only show a fraction of what the zoo has.

1. Hissing cockraches (make wonderful pets)

2. Some critter with day geckos. (Geckos not in the pic)

3. Red Agutis(spelling)

4. Asian tri colored squirrel

5. A type of Mynha(spelling)

6. Red Pandas

Now for the good stuff!

7. Coyote

8. Gray/Grey Wolf. (Sorry for the poor quality, they did not want to be photographed and the plastic infront of the viewing area made it harder.)

9. Siberian Tiger. (This is the first time I have seen them in the winter and this close)
The main exhibit

10. Mexican Gray Wolf(These dues were more cooperative than the graywolves.)
The best pic:

And now your treat...
Video of the Mexican Gray Wolf

Video of the main tiger exhibit.