i have two pandinus imperator scorpions. one is a juvie that looks like it might molt soon. not like any day now or anything but probably a month or so.
so i have a couple of questions. first of all is it safe to leave the two together after the molt? i know they are communal and these two get along very well, however is it common for them to take the easy meal after a molt?
second what exactlt happens during a molt? i know they shed their old "skin"(i do not know the right word for their exo)but how? what is left after words exactly? i did try the search function just so you all know and most of what i turned up was "YAY MY SCORPION MOLTED FINALLY! it was fun to read but did not answer my questions. like how do they pull their claws out from the old ones? sorry for the noob question but i am after all still a bit of a noob