Hey there,

I know that usually they grow overall darker and close their hide with webbing and substrate, but since I got her (last Tuesday) she basically closed her corkbark tube with substrate only and I'm reluctant to throw a cricket in there really (kinda worried she might get hurt). Now, I do have some superworms, too, and I could probably put one in a way that it does crawl into that hide, but I am really not wanting to stress her. I know she hasn't eaten for like 2 weeks since the last time she was fed, but as thruthetrees already suggested she could be in premolt even. Any suggestions what I should do? Leave her alone, keeping just humidity alright, or try throwing in some food and if so, which?

I am absolutely positive, that she wasn't out of her tube even once ever since she closed it from the inside. I did refill her water though and mist the tank some for humidity to stay between 70-80%. Temperature currently is around 25C since it's night. Daytime around 28C

Pic of her size (she's a subadult female, about 3 cm BL) and the closed hide.
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I used the search function but coulnd't find anything helpful for this situation. Just had to ask this stuff, since yes, I am kinda worried currently. Don't have a problem with her being reclusive, just that she closes herself up in instead ob webbing is kinda weird.