I have 2 Emperor Scorpions that are sort of handicapped and doing well. The first one is about 4 inches or so and I got him at a reptile show for $5. He has the lower pincher part of one claw broken off and so he can't catch crickets as easily as one with two working claws. The second one was given to me for free from a PetCo. He had one whole claw and its appendage fall off one day. They said people kept complaining about him being sold missing a claw, so they had him in their cricket room in the smallest cricket keeper sold. He is near full sized, but has a lot of trouble catching food. I saw him try to catch a cricket I dropped in front of him and all he got was a clawfull of substrate. The next day I found a cricket drowned in the waterdish and decided to see if I he would take it from my fingers. He did, and ever since then I've been hand feeding him every couple days. He is getting fuller ,and often out in the open walking around. The smaller Emp has also taken crickets from me, so now I hand feed both of them. Its really neat! I find myself enjoying these guys more this way. Since I keep a lot of crickets around (I have 4 scorpions, and 31 tarantulas to feed), I find some on their backs molting. These are real easy to feed to these guys, but they have
also taken live and kicking ones as well. I haven't attempted to feed my flatrock or desert hairy this way, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to try. Just wondered if anyone else has ever done this with their scorpions.