Whats the avg price for Hadogenes troglydytes and Hadrusus Arizoniez, sorry if thats mispelled.

Reason being I went down to this huge like flea market and there was a reptile stand with a scorp section. It had like 5 emps and 5 red claws, all for 10 bucks (All of them with less then an inch of substrate, infact none of them had the tank bottoms covered at all they were just straight out in the open no where to hidea either in mid day Talk about stress!) And then they had a flat rock and a desert hairy, Each for 15!!! Is this a good deal? Id like to swoop down and save em from this hell hole of theirs and put em in my collection. I kinda want to save some of the emps and red claws too but i just cant afford it