Back with some updates... and a new addition..

Lq from my frined, he says that he need to ID it and also keep it with me for the time because it isnt doing very well at his place (well that part i don understand hehehe)

by the way its about 2-2,5 inches from mouth to end of 5th segment, is it adult yet wats the max it can grow? ive seen more pale form of LQ so i guss this is isnt adult (jus guessing) - any one knows wats the ideal temps and humidity? And how to sex them ???

very angry LQ


P.trans and C.vittatus 3rd instar growing very fat...

then some updates on my L.mucronatus slings.. some 3rd instar already ...

And finally the martenssis... wana make a guess how many babies r there??? i didnt realise there was so many untill they moult to 2nd instar! hehehe

make a guess how many and ill count and tell you guys when i seperate them from the mum in a few days time! hehehe