Hey All,

I'm sure many of you are wondering what exactly it is that vBulletin 3.6.1 does other than make arachnoboards go away for almost two weeks. Well, this post is here to let you know. There's basically 4 Major things:
  • PM preview in email notification: Have you ever wondered if it was worth logging in to see that PM that you got? Wonder no more. When you select to be notified by email that you've received a new pm, the contents of the pm will be included in the email. You'll still have to sign in to respond though. Don't forget to watch who's behind you when you open up the email either...

  • You Tube Functionality: It's not really something that's a feature of 3.6, but we threw it in there ourselves. Some of you may have been wondering what this button "" does. Wonder no more. Instead of putting a link to You Tube in your post, which we don't allow due to some of the "other" content that can be found on the site, you can now embed a You Tube video directly in your post. Basically, what you want to do is copy the code after the v= in the link that you tube gives you, paste it, higlight it and then hit the You Tube button to place it within You Tube Tags.

    For example: Let's say this is the link from You Tube:


    what you want to do is copy the text after the = (equal sign) and enclose it in you tube tags. This is done by higlighting the text and pressing the you tube button. Based on the above example, all that would need to be posted in the youtube link is the "I0yI2MQf8Tk".

  • Multi Quote: Have you ever been going through a thread and see 4 or 5 different posts that you would like to respond to? With the use of the Multi Quote button you can now do so. Just click that button on each post that you would like to quote and click post reply at the bottom of the page. All the posts that you clicked on will now be quoted in your reply. It's also good for making note of what you'd like to respond to and finishing reading the thread first so you don't repeat what someone else has already said.

  • Infraction System: Arachnoboards will now be running on an infraction system when people don't follow the rules. If you reach 10 points, you will be suspended until your point total drops under 10 points. There are currently 7 types of infractions and may be more if these don't cover everything.
  • Classifieds Violation - No Location, No Prices, Early Bump/Multiple bumps or posts - 1 point - 14 day expiration.
  • Copyright Violation - 2 points - 14 day expiration.
  • Invalid Post/Reply - 2 points - 14 day expiration.
  • Signature Violation - 2 points - 14 day expiration.
  • Inappropriate Behavior, Language, Link and/or Material - 3 points - 14 day expiration.
  • Duplicate/Multiple Account - 5 points - 1 month expiration.
  • Repeat Offender - 5 points - 1 month expiration.
  • Personal Attack - 7 points - 1 month expiration.
  • Calling out a Moderator/Administrator, Discussing Moderation - 10 points - 1 month expiration.
  • Spam - 100 points - never expires.
  • Troll - 100 points - never expires.
Most of them should be self explanatory. To clarify Invalid Post/Reply, this was generally intended for posts/threads in the review and report forums that are neither a review nor a report. However, they are also for posts that really just don't belong, veer off topic, etc. There may also be some exceptions.

A user can view any infractions or warnings they have in their User CP. Please note: Only you and the mods/admins can see your warnings/infractions. Other users will NOT see them if they look at your user profile.

Those are the main benefits of vB 3.6 and we hope you'll enjoy them.

On another note, when posting links in Arachnolinks, you can now pick which directory you would like your link placed in, BUT all links will be moderated and will not show up until they have been approved. If it is felt that they are in an inappropriate category, they will be placed in an appropriate one.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me or post in the troubleshooting forum if you're having problems.

Thanks and we hope you continue to enjoy Arachnoboards.


S & D

BTW, if you click on the "more" link in the smiley box, you may find some surprises